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When we started the road trip through the United States in 2016, my twin sister Sarah and I didn’t really know what it was going to be like. By the time we finished, we knew it had to happen again—we’re more synchronous than can adequately be described, we’ve got our eyes on more places in the world to experience.

For as long as I can remember, Sarah has had a Tumblr blog with the occasional hashtag ‘if you love me take me to Iceland.’ So for our first adventure together outside of North America, we headed for the rugged northern islands of Iceland and Faroe, and the west coast of Norway. The experience of backpacking in three countries over the span of five weeks isn’t easy to put into words. But as a follow-up to the American Southwest and cross-Canada cycle expedition, I’m embedding the content that I created while on the road across the Atlantic.

“I decided to flip through my photos and journal and choose the best, to be transcribed and uploaded here. Three stories isn’t much as a way to share the countless sights, stories and experiences, but it’s a start. And since the sun has gone down on the Faroe Islands, three stories is all I have.”

Glacier Trails on Exposure

Enjoy the adventure.

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