“I would be brave, for there is much to dare.” — Raggers Creed

Adventure-based photographer and videographer. Sunriser. Wild-at-heart traveller. My bucket list is a work in progress. I focus on capturing raw, human-powered stories in wilderness environments in order to inspire and encourage other people to get outdoors. I’m a semi-professional explorer—simultaneously paying the bills, planning the next bucket list item, and saving for that lens I’ve got my eye on.

Long game, though, this is a career. But not your typical hotshot lifestyle photographer. I aim to integrate my passion for the outdoors into my work with boys and young men with adventure-based programming that is centred on healthy and inclusive masculinities. More on that to come. For now, getting better at what I do and gathering a few stories to tell along the way.

I’m an Explorer with The Outbound Collective, an Ambassador for Keep Exploring and a Featured Contributor on Ello. Plus a member of Leave No Trace Canada. Next up is Chile.

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66 Degrees North

Iceland, Faroe Islands & Norway / 2019

As the Raven Flies

Cross-Canada Cycle Expedition / 2017

American Southwest

United States / 2016

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